Show Up Online WITHOUT the Pesky Imposter Syndrome

Being worried about what people will think about your business when they visit your website should not be what’s keeping you from running full-throttle toward your next-level goals. Honestly, you’ve been honing your craft for so long, you deserve career-level confidence in yourself and what you do.

But, we live in a time where presentation is everything and we know what the inside of everyone’s living room looks like and what their dog’s names are — and sometimes, that kind of exposure makes us wonder if we’re really enough, right?

Crafting Authentic Brands & Showit Websites Since 2020

I'm here to help you step up into the level of business where you know you belong.

I believe every business owner deserves the opportunity to shine, and I’m here to make that happen for you. 

As a self-taught designer, I’m no stranger to the imposter syndrome struggle. But here’s the thing — we can turn this fear into a strength. My self-taught journey may prompt an internal question — am I less credible because of it, or does it lend my designs a unique and intuitive advantage? I firmly believe it’s the latter.

This is why I’m deeply committed to helping you stand confident in your growing career and business by building brands and websites that truly showcase your reputation online!

You Deserve a Brand & Website that Makes You Excited to Show Up

When I started Little Hound Creative, I saw so many passionate business owners striving to make their mark in the industry, but undercutting their value with a visual identity that only matched half their worth. These entrepreneurs faced a common challenge: their brands were not effectively communicating their talents and value — which caused them to miss out on opportunities and dream clients.

I know the frustration and urgency felt when you’re in that position — and that’s why I’ve dedicated myself to being more than a designer for my clients. I work to be their partner, confidant, creative strategist, and guide so I create brand identities and websites that don’t just ‘do’ the job, but connect with your dream clients (and bring them in!).

First things (most importantly) first, if you are a proud pup parent, I fully expect to meet your fur baby when we meet on Zoom! Second, I think what you do is amazing — the way you show up for your clients is a testament to your passion for your craft!

But, we live in a world where being good at what you do is one thing — and building a business is another entirely. This is why I’m so passionate about helping my clients transform more than just their brand — through my process they go from business owner to thought leader, industry expert, and visionary.

I want to make space for you to be human, to make tough decisions, to ponder and talk things out, to question and second-guess yourself (and me, that’s fine!), and to discover your own confidence as the leader you are.

Let’s be honest — my designs don’t turn you into a leader, but together we uncover the core of your leadership and package it up into a brand identity and website that showcase it full-force!

Hi, I'm Jess!


Murphy is a true embodiment of resilience and determination. Having overcome three spinal operations, his fighting spirit is an inspiration to all. Despite his challenges, Murphy never misses a chance to voice his opinions, barking up a storm at the drop of a hat. His love for being pushed around in his doggy stroller is only surpassed by his affection for sitting on my lap at the desk, reminding me to take regular breaks. A lover of food that's consumed at lightning speed, Murphy's presence is a testament to our business's values and even inspired our company name, LHC. Truly my baby, he enjoys the royal treatment, from sleeping in the bed to getting away with almost anything.


Chief Morale Officer & Grandmaster of Grins

Eddie is our resident beacon of joy and big brother figure to Murphy. His ever-present grin lights up the room, and his love for walks is infectious, inspiring us all to step outside and enjoy life's simple pleasures. Unlike Murphy, Eddie is a bit more independent, keeping himself to himself and not being much of a cuddler or a foodie. However, his fluffy presence, affectionately known as 'Corgi glitter,' leaves a warm reminder of his essence all around the house. His calm and contented nature balances the workspace, teaching us to take pleasure in the process and not just the end goal. Eddie's gentle support and companionship create a harmonious and happy environment for everyone.


Meet the team

Images by Clara Allansson Photography


I believe in getting to know my clients on a personal level to create designs that authentically represent them AND their businesses.

Little Hound Creative's Core Values


My mission is to empower my clients to confidently present themselves and showcase their talents to the world.


I am committed to delivering an exceptional brand and website designs that exceed my clients' expectations.


Every element of your branding and website is strategically designed to reach your target audience effectively.


I foster a friendly and approachable environment where clients feel comfortable expressing their vision and ideas.

Lasting Relationships

I build lasting relationships with my clients, celebrating their successes and supporting their growth.


I value open and transparent communication, working hand-in-hand with my clients to achieve their goals.

Pup Snuggles

I know creativity ebbs and flows, but when the need for inspiration hits there’s nothing like a snuggle to do the trick.

“She created something that far exceeded anything I could have imagined."

"It’s been life changing, elevated my business and taken my business to a whole other level, I’ve got my name out there more and I look at other people in my field and I’m so grateful to have what I have because it puts me on another echelon and as a result my business is really thriving.”

Chelsey Burr

“Jess is incredibly talented and I love the final product"

"The process of working with her was amazing! She had great ideas to better a user’s experience on the site and not to mention the amazing design skills and final product she created. I am so in love with my site and can’t wait to see it in action. Thank you Jess!!"

Olivia Long

"I highly recommend working with her"

"I worked with Jess to have her create a website for my business. Working with Jess was so fun, it was easy, and the process was really seamless from start to finish. I now have a website that I am proud have represent me and my business. I'm constantly getting complimented on it. It's just been a joy from start to finish to have such a strong, talented designer create this beautiful website for me."

Michelle Pennarola

“The whole experience has been absolutely amazing"

I cannot recommend Jessica from Little Hound Creative enough!! She has guided me through each steps while being highly responsive to any questions I've had. Having Jessica create my new website and re-branding was definitely one of my best investment I've made so far!! Jessica will go the extra mile to make sure your happy with your branding and website."

Carlos A. Miljour

"she's a great person and I really enjoy talking to her"

"I would highly recommend Jess because she is super creative, she is super down to earth, and just really easy to work with. When she created my new website a few months ago, I have gotten at least 10 new leads from her implementing good SEO practices. And I have even booked a few! I would recommend her to anybody looking to create a new brand or get their website revamped."

Dana Provo

“the results completely surpassed my expectations"

"I worked with Jess to redesign my website and change over to Showit. I'm over the moon with my new website! Jess understood my brand and worked hard to make sure the website would meet my requirements. She was excellent at communicating with me throughout the project and the results completely surpassed my expectations. Highly recommend Little Hound Creative!"

Diana Olivera

"I couldn't be happier with the work she did and I recommend her 100%"

"I worked with Jess on a rebrand and a website and I have to say, the experience was phenomenal. She did such a great job. My brand and assets are just beautiful and polished - they no longer look DIY. She did an amazing job on my website.  It was beautiful."


A Confidence Boost

When your brand is professionally designed and showcases your unique talents and expertise, you'll feel more confident about presenting yourself and your business to the world. A well-crafted brand can serve as a visual representation of your skills.

I Want to See Every Client Achieve…

An Elevated Reputation

A professional brand can elevate your reputation in your industry. As your brand becomes associated with quality and excellence, you'll feel more like a respected expert rather than an imposter.

Authenticity & Alignment

A well-built brand should authentically reflect who you are and what you stand for. When your brand identity aligns with your values and personality, you'll feel more connected to it, reducing the sense of being an imposter.

Embracing Your Expertise

Embracing your authority and owning your expertise can help you shed imposter feelings and step into your true professional identity.

Consistency & Cohesion

A well-designed brand ensures consistency across all touchpoints, from your website to your social media presence. This cohesive presentation reinforces your expertise and authority.

Professional Growth

As your brand gains recognition and attracts more clients, your business will grow. Achieving milestones and success can boost your confidence and help combat imposter syndrome.

I want all of this for you, too!

Let’s turn your vision, mission, & goals into a standout brand!

When you inquire, I’ll send you even more information about my process and what it’s like to work with me so you can decide if you’re ready to book an intro call together!

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