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Your business isn’t just an income stream — it’s your life’s work and the future you’re creating. But, your current brand and website? They’re still stuck representing the opening chapter of your business, not the thriving career it is now. As a brand identity and website designer for service providers and creatives, I showcase your reputation, passion, and expertise with a visual identity that gives you newfound confidence.

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You Should Be Excited to Show Up In Real Life And Online

I meet so many amazingly talented entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they do. That passion SHINES in their work, but it falls flat when it comes to their brand and website. Where their work radiates, their brand is a grayscale reflection of the level of their expertise. It doesn’t establish or promote the reputation they are working to build!

This is why I’m incredibly passionate about authentic, you-based branding for small businesses just like yours!


What Is Your BIGGEST goal for Your Brand?

I need a brand and website that build a strong reputation for me and my business!


I’m just getting started, but I need an option that lets me DIY a stunning website that converts!


Custom Design

Tailored with intuition and strategy, Little Hound Creative brand and website design services bring your unique vision to life, helping you build stronger relationships with your clients from the moment they meet you online.

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Discover thoughtfully-crafted, easy-to-use Showit templates that provide a sleek, professional, and cohesive look — perfect for the entrepreneur ready to uplevel their reputation! Need something a little less DIY? Be sure to check out my template customization services.

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A Brand that Truly Reflects Who You Are Will…

Kindle the Right Relationships

I know you’re tired of spending more time weeding out not-quite-ready leads than connecting with your dream clients. Strategic branding does a bit of preliminary relationship-building for you — clicking with the right clients and redirecting the rest.

Invite Made-for-You Opportunities

I’m not telling you to go unfollow your competitors on social media, but you can definitely stop stalking them to make sure you’re keeping up. With a brand that reflects your uniqueness and expertise, you can be confident that the right opportunities will come to you.

Build a Trustworthy Reputation

By showcasing what sets you apart and delivering on those promises consistently, you establish trust with your customers. A strong, unique brand fosters the relationship-building Know, Like and Trust factor, so your clients become your biggest brand advocates!

Building Real-Life Relationships is the Heartbeat of My Design Process

(which opens the door for your dream clients, business opportunities, and thought leadership)

I’m Jess - the dog mum, solo strategist and designer here at Little Hound Creative - as well as your future friend! Much like a rainy-day snuggle with your favorite pet, I want you to feel completely at home here. You might be surprised to learn that I know how you’re feeling. The overwhelming pressure, the daunting fear of measuring up, the creeping imposter syndrome… trust me, I’ve been there. It’s easy to feel small and unheard in a world so vast and loud.

But here’s the thing - your story, your passion, your experience, and your mission - they matter. And my job is giving them the recognition they deserve and a platform to truly stand out through a brand that represents who you really are.

Just between you and me, there’s a secret to conquering these fears. It’s not about being the loudest, the flashiest, or the trendiest - it’s about being authentic so you can show up for the relationships that matter most. In business, those relationships are between you and your clients - and it’s my mission to help you connect deeply with the people you serve.

So this is where I come in, helping you show up just as real online as you do for your clients so you can step out with confidence into your next stage of business growth. 


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"I cannot recommend Jessica from Little Hound Creative enough!! The whole experience has been absolutely amazing and she has guided me through each steps while being highly responsive to any questions I've had. Having Jessica create my new website and re-branding was definitely one of my best investment I've made so far!!"

"If you've been hesitant like me, you won't regret it!"

Carlos A.Miljour

“I am a small business owner and I do everything pretty much myself. It was really hard for me to relinquish that control, to let someone else help me with the design process, but I’m so glad that I did. Working with Jess was fun, easy, she took care of everything. She helped me bring all of my ideas into one really cohesive beautiful brand.”

"I can't recommend her enough, she is lovely"

Kate Brown

"I worked with Jess to redesign my website and change over to Showit. Jess understood my brand and worked hard to make sure the website would meet my requirements. She was excellent at communicating with me throughout the project and the results completely surpassed my expectations. Highly recommend Little Hound Creative!"

"I'm over the moon with my new website!"

Diana Olivera

"I went with the branding + website package and I am so very happy with the results. I wanted my brand to be represented as elegant and feminine but cute at the same time, while still reflecting the high-end, luxurious products and services I offer. Jess absolutely nailed this difficult request and I have gotten many compliments already."

"What an absolute JOY to work with Jess!!"


"The process of working with her was amazing! She had great ideas to better a user’s experience on the site and not to mention the amazing design skills and final product she created. I am so in love with my site and can’t wait to see it in action. Thank you Jess!!"

Olivia Long

"Jess is incredibly talented and I love the final product"

Let's Create a Showcase-Worthy Brand!

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Transform Your Brand

I’ll take your goals and vision and marry them with design strategy and psychology to create a brand identity and website that tout your leadership and build your reputation online. 


Step Out with Confidence

With a brand and website that showcases the real you, you’ll have the confidence to step all the way up into your next level of business growth and become the stunning face of your brand. 


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